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Boss Up Package

Boss Up Package

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This 4 Book Guide To An Elite Lifestyle Will Give You All The Tips, Tricks & Motivation To Live Bossy In All Areas Of Your Life.

Start And Run Your Own Airbnb Business Like A Boss Minus The Mistakes I’ve Made. This Guide Will Put You In The Right Position To Make Money Off Airbnb From Your First Booking!

Let’s Manifest That Shit! Is A Guide Book Of Daily Motivation, Affirmations & Steps To Boss Up In Every Aspect Of Your Life To Achieve & Maintain Success! 

Rich Off Elite Living Is A Workbook To Capitalize On The Social Media Era We Are Living In. Giving You The Tips You Need To Create Content & Make Money Off Of It. We Spend So Many Hours On Social Media Daily Why Not Make Money While Doing It. Whether You Do Hair, Makeup, Or A Person Who Is Connected With God. Make 1 Video A Day Speaking About Your Niche & Watch Your Money Grow! 

A Girls Guide To Achieving & Maintaining Excellent Credit Will Walk You Through All The Steps You Need To Take To Clean Your Credit Up And Start Fresh! Let’s Take Your Credit Score From The 4,5 & 600’s To Booming In The 700’s And Never Be Denied Anything Again. Credit Is So Important In Life & I Know Some People Are Tired Of Being Scammed Or Told Its So Easy To Clean Your Credit For Crazy Amounts Of Money, But This Guide Will Let You Know How To DIY At Your Own Pace & Never Have To Rely On Anyone’s Help. 

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